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AK Liver Disease ECHO
The AK Liver Disease ECHO aims to provide education and clinical input on how to prevent, work-up, diagnose, manage and treat patients with liver disease. Each session includes a didactic presentation on a liver disease topic and will also include one or more case presentations by participating provider(s) to the expert panel for comprehensive treatment input.

April 21 - Future Drugs for NAFLD with Youssef Barbour, MD
May 19 - Hepatitis B and Other Vaccine Updates with Brittney Keener, PharmD
June 16 - AIH in AN/AI Population in Alaska with Janet Johnston, PhD, MPH
July 21 - PBC/Overlap with Youssef Barbour, MD
August 18 - Most Common Liver Toxic Drugs (and how to use LiverTox website) with Brittney Keener, PharmD
September 15 - Trauma Informed Care and Liver Disease with Marianne Hammersley, LCSW
October 20 - Screening for Alcohol Use Disorder with Brian McMahon, MD
November 17 - Medication Assisted Treatment with Dr. Sarah Spencer
December 15 - HCC Surveillance – Are We Doing Enough? with Brian McMahon, MD
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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